About the work

When painting, my project is essentially one of portraiture stemming from a fascination in the small quirks and intricacies that make each of us unique. It's my curiosity about what motivates people, comforts them, drives them to become defensive, scares them, what makes them laugh or feel guilty, become shy or provoked, that keeps me on a seemingly relentless yet personal investigation. Each painting assists in developing a better understanding of who I perceive others to be. 
In some of my work, this curiosity is directed toward making descriptive interior spaces. These too are portraits- capturing my subjects obliquely by depicting the spaces they inhabit. I’m working a lot with memory and like memory my portraits aren't always clear. I accept distortion as being an important part of any memory and allow that to show.

The collaborative projects aim at being all-inclusive immersive experiences for everyone involved. While some may begin to "act" spontaneously, no acting is ever pre-planned. Each project is disarmingly playful in nature yet designed to push personal boundaries through exploring power dynamics, spontaneous play and the sudden belief in a world that is questionably surreal. Each of the projects featured on this site were my brainchild and/or I co-created them and had a leading role in their formation.


Selected Exhibitions & Events

November 2016, Featured Artist in Residence, Rusty's Electric Dreams, www.electricdreaming.com

       1) http://www.electricdreaming.com/archives/1209

       2) http://www.electricdreaming.com/archives/1213

       3) http://www.electricdreaming.com/archives/1216

       4) http://www.electricdreaming.com/archives/1238

       5) http://www.electricdreaming.com/archives/1246

November 2016, SMASH Arcade Presents: Electoral Catharsis, NIMBY, Oakland, CA

September 2016, Queen Ladoga III, Symbiosis, Oakdale, CA

November 2015, Winter Group Exhibition, NIMBY, Oakland, CA

September 2015, You'll Do Detective Agency, Burning Man, Blackrock Desert, NV

May 2014, Lived In, Solo Exhibition, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

May 2013, Creative Disruption, Hatch Gallery, Oakland, CA

May 2013, Interface/Off the Grid Exhibition, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

January 2013, Exhibit on the Hawley Estate, West Islip Library, New York

April to July 2012, Industrial and Upclose, Duo Exhibition with Will Burchett, Google Headquarters, Mountain View, CA

October 2011, In Motion, College Ave Galleries, Oakland, CA

June 2011, Summer Group Exhibition, NIMBY, Oakland CA

April 2011, Collaboratory: An Interactive Evening of Art and Music, Skyfarm, San Francisco, CA

March 2011, Wine and Art Group Exhibition, Artist Alley, San Francisco, CA

December 2010, Holiday Bazaart: The Curio Collection, The Ark Gallery, San Francisco, CA